Retirement Income Now

Retirement Income Now

With Immediate Income Annuities

Retire in comfort with a reliable income stream.

Throughout all stages of life, having a predictable stream of income is important. Retirement is no different. A guaranteed income annuity can give you pension-like payouts that help you to maintain the lifestyle you’ve earned. And you can start collecting as soon as next month. Don’t worry about spending down your savings. Enjoy the comfort of knowing exactly how much income you get to spend each month.

With Immediate Income Annuities, you can get guaranteed income in retirement.

You’ve done the hard work of saving. Now enjoy the benefits. Let’s begin by looking at a few factors that can guide you while choosing your Immediate Income Annuity.

Guarantees in income

Some people prefer steady payout amounts each and every month. Others want the opportunity to get higher income down the road through potential dividend payments.

How long you want to receive income

Some people want income for life. Others need it for a set period of time.

Retirement Income Later

Retirement Income Later

with Deferred Income Annuities

Make decisions today to maximize your income down the road.

Use your income and assets today to create income for the future. Deferred income annuities let you create a pension-like income stream that you can depend on two years from now or further into the future. Some people take this retirement approach because of the steady periodic payouts, which can help them maintain their lifestyle after they retire. Since you’ll be getting a consistent income, you might not need to dip into your investments—and the longer you defer your payouts, the more guaranteed income you generate down the road for when you’re ready to enjoy retirement.

With Deferred Income Annuities, you can choose how you earn in retirement.

You deserve a secure future—whenever you decide to retire. Whether you want predictable payouts you can count on right away or prefer to have the opportunity to get even higher payouts down the road, you have choices.